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Or Send your check or money order to: Peace Baptist Church

320 Military Cutoff Rd

Wilmington NC, 28405

Earmarked (WGHW 88.1FM)

Your Local Radio Station

Community outreach is the core of our mission. We invest heavily in delivering reliable tools to those who need them most (Lost Souls). We do this by way of internet and Radio. At WGHW our mission is to teach and uplift those in Wilmington and surrounding areas by broadcasting through 88.1 FM. At WGHW we stand firm on the teachings of God through the KJV Bible as well as providing worshipful music that glorifies the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. All Programming and Preaching is through the King James Bible and broadcasted on 88.1 FM. We ask you for your support for 88.1 FM and most importantly, Your Prayers. Tune in to 88.1 FM on more about our Ministry and stay up to date regarding our latest efforts below.  


Mark 16:15

And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world , and preach the gospel to every creature.


Salvation Made Easy


Salvation Made Easy


Making a Difference For The Cause Of Christ!

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