Peace Baptist Church

We Believe In ....

  • The Tri-unity of God

  • The Verbal Plenary Inspiration Of The Scriptures

  • Justification By Faith

  • The Bodily Resurrection Of Christ

  • The Blood Atonement Of Christ

  • The Personal And Imminent Return Of Christ

  • The Person And Work Of  The Holy Sprit

  • The Virgin Birth Of Christ

  • The Priesthood Of The Believer

  • The Autonomy Of The Local Church

  • Worldwide Missions

  • Regenerated Church Membership

  • The Personality Of Satan

  • The Total Depravity Of Natural Man

  • The Reality Of Heaven And Hell

  • The Eternal Security Of The Believer

  • Separation From The World

  • The Two Ordinances - Baptism And Communion 

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